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Ketanji Brown Jackson Really Isn’t That Important

Kentaji Brown Jackson is who Joe Biden has nominated to replace Stephen Breyer on the Supreme Court because of this she’s obviously been in the news a lot, and her confirmation hearings have gone somewhat viral with some questions she was asked. A lot of republicans have announced they’ll be voting against Jackson’s confirmation to the Supreme Court and I don’t doubt that a majority of republicans will vote against Jackson, but I think a lot of people are making her a bigger deal than she actually is. Jackson won’t change the balance of the Supreme Court at all, she’s just replacing a liberal judge with another liberal judge. A lot of democrats are saying that Jackson’s race is a reason republicans are voting against her confirmation, but this is a dumb argument because her race has nothing to do with how she will be as a Justice what determines whether or not she’ll be a good Justice is her understanding of the constitution and previous qualifications. I am not a fan of Jackson myself, but I’ll admit that she’s definitely qualified to be on the Supreme Court and that I honestly haven’t seen any major reason she shouldn’t be even though I disagree with her on nearly everything. In my personal opinion a lot more Republican senators will vote to confirm Jackson than people think and even senators who say they’re going to vote against Jackson will end up voting to confirm her and the reason I think this is because they know she doesn’t really have any effect on the Supreme Court anyway and that replacing a liberal judge with another liberal judge really doesn’t change anything at all, and most of the people who are saying they’ll vote against her are senators from solid red states and know that it doesn’t really matter how they vote because they’ll get re-elected anyway. I’m not saying every single Republican is going to vote to confirm Judge Jackson but I’m saying a lot more than people expect will. 

By: Vonnegut Chadwick

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