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Prospective Conservative Party Leader Buys Shawarma with Bitcoin as Canadian Dissidents are Persecuted

(By Bloo, Right Wing Opn.)

Being a Canadian in the last few months has been a roller coaster, to say the least. The whole world watched in awe as truckers from across the vast expanse of the Great White North gathered in my hometown of Ottawa to protest vaccine mandates.

While not all of the attention we Canucks received from abroad was positive, the Canadian trucker convoy sparked an international movement. In Canada, trucks occupied the capital’s downtown core surrounding Parliament Hill, shaking the nation’s opinion on vaccine mandates and leading most provinces to drop most or all COVID restrictions.

The leadership in Canada, which speaks through our state-funded broadcaster the CBC, was not thrilled with these developments, leading to most likely the single most brutal government action against a peaceful demonstration this country has ever seen. Justin Trudeau invoked the Emergencies Act (which gives him war powers), which was shortly followed by the police confiscating property, threatening to kill the pets of protestors, and trampling elderly women with horses.

The leaders of these protests were arrested on trumped-up charges like “conspiracy to commit mischief,” which yes, is an actual crime in Canada.

There are a number of inside political things that happened that led to the main topic I wanted to cover in this article, but the general idea is this:

The Conservative Party of Canada capitalized on the trucker convoy and suddenly switched their position on vaccine mandates and general COVID restrictions, the Party revolting against its leader Erin O’Toole and placing us where we are now, in the midst of a new Conservative Leadership Race, where registered Party members are able to vote on who the Conservatives run as their candidate for Prime Minister.

The leading candidate is Pierre Poilievre, who has a prominent social media presence and is known for being much more hard-line than Erin O’Toole, at least on economic issues. Conservatives broadly speaking are sick of politicians running left-wing platforms in a supposed right-wing party.

Poilievre, however, is not really as good as he seems. If you read my website the Dominion Volume I go into much greater detail, but what you need to know is this; Pierre Poilievre is a

brilliant politician (derogatory). His strategy, like much of the American GOP, is to throw red meat to the base to mobilize voters and then not deliver on anything. He supported COVID restrictions until 5 minutes ago. He is militantly pro-abortion, free trade, and mass migration. Pierre Poilievre is in effect a liberal, not a conservative. Neo-conservatism is not conservatism, but trotskyism.

Two days ago, Ontario MPP Randy Hillier, the founder of the Ontario First Party turned himself into Ottawa Police who are charging him with trumped-up charges for his participation in the trucker protest.

Randy Hillier did not commit any real crimes. Participating in a peaceful demonstration, no matter how loud and annoying you think it is, is not a crime.

On that very same day, Pierre Poilievre completely ignored the issue, instead of putting a tweet about how he bought “delicious shawarma” using bitcoin. This is not a joke. This actually happened.

Pierre Poilievre, who wants to be the Prime Minister of Canada, is through omission endorsing the persecution of political dissidents.

He continually tweets about the Palestinian bombings in Israel, and about how he’s not racist because he uses bitcoin to buy “delicious shawarma,” but he’s been radio silent on Hillier’s arrest.

To be fair, shawarma is objectively delicious and the fact that a major candidate is trying to make Canada the “blockchain capital of the world” is from my perspective a very good thing, but at this moment in time, we have bigger fish to fry.

We as a country are currently taking in nearly half a million legal immigrants a year, in addition to the illegals that we don’t have any idea how many there are. We currently have completely unrestricted abortion on demand up until and including the moment of birth. We have people who claim to be “conservative” complaining that legislatures are “too white.” We are reaching rates of inflation never seen before, while wages remain stagnant under a crippled, wheelchair-bound economy.

By: Bloo

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