The Death Of Bipartisanship

   The Age Of Bipartisanship is dead. Over the 21st century, the House and Senate have quickly become divided by the party lines of the Democrats and Republicans. Midterms have become a battleground for control over congress, and most importantly, the Presidential race isn’t even about the leader anymore. 

 This was proven in the Presidential Election of 2020. Following the win of Democrat and  Former Senator Joe Biden, many Conservatives responded with allegations of “voter fraud” all over the nation. You may ask why this was, and there is one simple answer. Hypocrisy and stubbornness.

 We live in more of a “my way or no way” society than ever and it really shows. For example, for the first time in nearly 153 years, Donald Trump broke the White House tradition of attending your successor’s inauguration. A childish move from the former president. Another example and definitely more eventful, the January 6th attack on the Capitol showed just what people will do if they don’t get their way and believe everything they hear. 

 But onto the topic of Congress. The House and Senate are more divided than ever as it seems impossible for both Democrats and Republicans to communicate with each other. There are very few congressmen and women left that will vote differently than the rest of their party and this leaves little room for progress and innovation in our nation. At this point, being different than the rest of your own party is ridiculed. A recent example comes from a statement from Joe Manchin where he stated that he will be voting against the “Build Back Better” bill in the Senate after its passage through the House. While I won’t bring personal opinion into this, I stand by my statement that members of one’s own party should not be ridiculing each other but instead supporting each other and accepting their opinions. 

   So the big question is, how will our nation’s people and government get past this?

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