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Jake Ellzey Shocks the World!

Tonight was the runoff election in Texas’ 6th Congressional District. The election was between two candidates. They were Jake Ellzey and Susan Wright. As of right now, 93% of the vote has been reported. Jake Ellzey has 20,762 votes and has 53.24% of the vote. Susan Wright has 18,232 votes and she has 46.76% of the popular vote.

This comes as a surprise because the latest poll had Susan Wright at 44% and Jake Ellzey 34%, with 12% of the vote undecided. Susan Wright also had the backing of Donald Trump and Ted Cruz. This shows that Donald Trump isn’t as influential anymore. Yes, Democrats could’ve voted for Ellzey which changed the vote, which is most likely what happened. Donald Trump doesn’t have as much control in the GOP as he used to in November.

I’m also shocked because Susan Wright was the widow of Ron Wright the incumbent of this seat before he died in February. We have seen previously how Julia Letlow won after her husband, Luke Letlow died. I thought we would see a repeat only because of that fact. That isn’t the case, however.

Now, let’s see how Left or Right viewers thought this election was going to turn out. 88.2% of you guys thought that Susan Wright was going to win while 11.8% thought that Ellzey was going to win. This shows how confident everyone was that Susan Wright was going to win.

That doesn’t mean Left or Right viewers wanted her to win, though. 52.9% of you guys wanted Ellzey to win. I am a part of that 52.9% and congratulations we got the candidate that we wanted to win. 47.1% wanted Wright to win and I’m sorry to say this, but you lost.

By: Zane Woods

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