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Russia/Ukraine News:

Today, Russia declared that its Military forces began a new phase of operations on the Eastern front of Ukraine. This is just the beginning of a new, major assault on key cities in Ukraine including Mariupol, where Russian attacks continue to decimate the city. European officials recently stated that Mariupol could potentially fall into Russian control in the following days, as the atrocities witnessed there rise.

On Wednesday, World Leaders discussed security assistance and sanctions on a video call. The call included leaders from various European nations, alongside Canada, Japan, and the United States. The leaders “affirmed their solidarity” with the Ukrainian people along with various other topics. Additionally, they also discussed ¨diplomatic engagements” and their efforts toward ¨imposing severe economic costs to hold Russia accountable.¨

Finally, US President Joe Biden said after arriving in New Hampshire today, that he does in fact intend to send more artillery to Ukraine in an attempt to support the war effort.

Domestic News:

On Wednesday, Joe Biden arrived in New Hampshire to promote a $1 trillion infrastructure law. The bill is being viewed upon as bipartisan as it passed through the Senate 69-13, even being supported by the Republican Senate Minority Leader, Mitch McConnell.

          Regarding Congress, on Wednesday a Federal Judge stated that an attempt to bar Marjorie Taylor Greene from Congress may proceed. This comes after her support of the January 6th Riot is said to break the 14th amendment. A bipartisan Senate Committee has connected 7 deaths and hundreds of arrests to the riot.

Tech and Pop Culture:

         For the first time in a decade, Netflix Inc. reported a fall in subscribers, plunging their stock 26%. This comes just months after Netflix warned of weak subscriber growth. The company reported that in its first quarter, nearly 200,000 subscribers were lost, falling short of their estimated goal of 2.5 million subscribers gained. Additionally, another 700,000 subscribers were lost after they pulled their services out of Russia, following its invasion of Ukraine. 

         NYC Apple retail workers want a $30 minimum wage. Yes. $30. Fruit Stand Workers United has organized at Apple’s Grand Central Terminal location. They said that they’re pushing for a $30 minimum wage, which would create a salary of roughly $62,000 a year. Additionally, the Union updated their website’s goals to include health and safety research, better education, and retirement benefits.

        Fruit Stand Workers United was also recently affiliated with the Union behind Starbucks’ recent organization. 

        The Organization announced that they started having location’s employees sign cards if they were interested in unionizing. If at least 30% of workers sign, Fruit Stand Workers United can officially petition to hold an election. This comes after a rise in Unionization of business around the nation.

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