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Ron DeSantis Snaps at Eric Adams

Mayor Eric Adams of New York City responded to Florida’s Governor Ron DeSantis signing the Don’t Say Gay Bill into law by pushing Florida residents to move to America’s largest city but Governor DeSantis is fighting back.

DeSantis stated to reporters “You know you can say whatever you want but they’re the ones that will force a mask on your face and muzzle you in public”.

DeSantis also stated that, “New York is doing billboards telling people to come to New York from Florida, you know they are wasting taxpayer money by doing that”

While Mayor Adams stated to reporters, “This is a city where we are proud to talk about how you can live in a comfortable setting and not be harassed,not be abused. Not only as adults but as as young people”

DeSantis and his staff are defending the bill which restricts Florida classrooms from teaching gender and sexuality and would also allow parents to opt their kids out of counseling and health services.

DeSantis also stated that, “They still make toddlers wear masks in New York, this is fundamentally wrong”

By: Connor Wagner

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