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Was the 2020 Election Rigged? And How to Fix Election Fraud.

It’s October 2020 the election is just around the corner many republicans expect trump to win by a large margin. In reaction to Covid 19, many states across the union are using mail-in ballots and also making it easier to vote with less ID. It’s not long until people begin to notice irregularities with their ballots some are being stolen from the mail in pro-trump counties mail people also have full access to ballots .by the time the election rolls around people are on edge. Biden narrowly defeated’s Trump and becomes the 46th president. Trump claimed the election was illegitimate because of what he describes as widespread fraud. Now was this election rigged? Yes and no these mail-in ballots are not trustworthy and should NEVER be used again though I believe the amount of fraud was not enough to overturn an election I do admit there was more fraud than normal. We can fix widespread fraud by working towards bipartisan ID laws and not using mail-in ballots.

By: Walker Willis

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