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California Recall Election

As September 14, comes closer and closer the recall for Governor Gavin Newsom gets more serious and serious. A recent poll that came outdone by SurveyUSA shows that 51% of Californians are voting Yes on Recall and 40% are voting No on Recall, with 9% of people that they polled undecided. It is extremely close and you can understand why Californians would want Newsom out of office. People are leaving California due to his policies that are ruining the state’s economy and are the reason why people are moving out of California.

This election will be extremely close, and personally, as a Californian who lives in Orange County, I believe that he will be recalled. The numbers don’t lie. People who like Newsom will tell you that it won’t even be close so what’s the point in voting, but then they say that they will be voting for Newsom. If it won’t be close, why vote if you already know you’re going to win? That’s because it’s not obvious, Newsom has an amazing chance of no longer being Governor.

There are seven major candidates right now who have a chance at becoming Governor of California if Newsom is recalled. For the Democrats, their only main candidate is Kevin Paffrath. I like this man. He has solutions to fix problems in California, but I don’t plan on voting for him. I also don’t plan on voting for Caitlyn Jenner, for obvious reasons. She has no political experience and that is not for me. Doug Ose and Kevin Kiley, I haven’t heard that much about them. I already know that my vote will not be for John Cox. He failed miserably in the 2018 Gubernatorial Election and I don’t want him to be Governor anyways. I will either be voting for Larry Elder or Kevin Faulconer. Since I live in Yorba Linda, I’ve heard a lot of great things about Faulconer. He was an amazing Mayor of San Diego and led them through the pandemic perfectly. Larry Elder is just Larry Elder. He is an amazing person with great policies.

If the election were to be held today, I would probably vote for Faulconer. The only reason I would do that is that I strongly believe he can lead California out of all of the problems. He fixed San Diego and he can fix California. Elder has not political experience which is a little worrisome for me.

By: Ellis Savage

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