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Canada’s Next Election is Revealing a Disturbing Parallel to Biden’s Fake Election

(Photo: The Star)

It has become the general consensus of the Canadian establishment media that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will be calling on the Governor-General to dissolve the government and call an early election within the next month. All major political parties have started pouring a large amount of money into campaign ads, as Trudeau’s assault on electoral policy is nearing its final step.

The obvious parallel here is the US 2020 election, which was obviously at the very least susceptible to significant amounts of voter fraud through the mail-in ballots, as election officials tore down election integrity measures prior to the election. It is obviously concerning that the political party that dissolved election laws won an election by a massive margin, and then continues to insist there couldn’t possibly have been any fraud.

Chief Electoral Officer Stéphane Perrault has been making the assertion that it may take two to five days to complete a ballot count, insisting that this isn’t “nefarious,” saying that “it’s not an accident, it’s not a sign of things going wrong but in fact is part of the process as we’ve designed it in these very unique circumstances of the pandemic,” as the number of mail-in ballots in this election is being increased from 50 000 to 5 000 000. This is exactly what the US media was predicting prior to Biden’s sweeping victory that left half of America claiming a rigged election.

This serves as a message to dissidents in Canada: these people do not care about you. That includes our so-called “Conservatives” who refuse to call out the Liberals for anything substantial.

Canadian political parties are extremely hierarchical, whipping dissenters into submission. Look up what happened to Derek Sloan, who was removed from the Conservative Party for being too conservative, and Jody Wilson-Raybould, who was removed from the Liberal Party for calling out Trudeau for corruption. This intimidation makes our parties weak in opposing the conglomerate. The conservative party will not dare to even allow individual members to speak up about their political enemies’ direct attack on voting rights. The only things the conservative party can do are pre-approved, like opposition to speech restrictions and wanting lower taxes.

This weakened opposition has lead to splinter parties forming, including the People’s Party led by Maxime Bernier and a new party that is being created by former Conservative MP Derek Sloan. These parties will split the right-wing vote in such a way that may be the inevitable fraud by the Liberals won’t even be necessary.

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