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Biologist Question if Abortion is Murder. Do You?

A 2018 study, conducted by Steven Andrew Jacobs with the Comparative Human Development Department at the University of Chicago, dug into how biologists side on abortion. The study of 5502 biologists from 1058 different academic institutions across 86 different countries found that:

95% of them believe that human life begins at fertilization.

63% of them self-identify as non-religious.

89% of them identified as being liberal. 

92% of them identified as aligning with the Democratic Party.

85% of them identified as being pro-choice supporters.

So, how can an overwhelming majority of biologists believe that human life begins at fertilization, yet still support abortion?

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By: Odin Severn

2 thoughts on “TOPIC OF THE WEEK #1

  1. This is a simple misunderstanding almost everyone on the pro-life side has. They erroneously assume that, once the fetus is proven to be living, the debate is over and abortion is irrefutably wrong.

    Not quite. Killing things isn’t necessarily bad. Nobody tries to outlaw the murder of spiders or ants that occurs on a daily basis. Most people don’t blink an eye when they eat a hunk or pork or a juicy burger, even though an animal’s life was taken for that food to be produced. So the debate isn’t really over whether or not taking life is justified.

    What is it about, then? In short, personhood. The rights of the fetus. Is it a person? Most people would agree killing a person is wrong, but how do you define “person”? Does it require a heartbeat to be a person? Consciousness? Self-awareness? The real debate centers around these questions.

    I’m pro-life myself, but I can totally understand where the opposition is coming from. They don’t believe, for one reason or another, that the fetus deserves the same rights as a human who is already born. If they believe it’s not a life, that’s an extreme and contrarian view that you can try to correct them on. But since personhood is a subjective concept, it’s quite difficult to change one’s mind on the value of the life of the fetus.

    TL;DR: The debate is not about life, it is about personhood. Some people believe it’s a person just like an adult and thus deserves the same rights. Others believe it is more akin to an animal, and not an actual “person”.


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